Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why my husband is not on my Christmas list

When I made my list of people I will be shopping for Christmas a few days ago, I purposely did not include my husband.

A while back, hubby and I decided to not exchange gifts for Christmas. We arrived at this decision because of a few different things.

Number one, both he and I are low-maintenance, non-materialistic people. So whenever someone asks us what we want, we say either one of two things - "Nothing" or "Whatever". And when we say it, we really mean it. Some people don't understand this, and a few guys even tried to tell my husband that although my mouth says don't give me anything, I don't really mean it and in order for him to stay out of the dog house, he needs to get me something anyway. LOL.... This is so far from the truth. But I guess some guys haven't really had any experiences with a woman who is really low- to-no-maintenance. I'm glad hubby knows me like he does.

I know that if there was something that I ever did want or need, I (or we) would budget for it, and if we can afford it I will get it. And we wouldn't just wait for Christmas to do it, as long as we have money for it. Christmas to me is another day to spend with my family and reflect on the true reason for the season. I'm not in it for gifts.

Secondly, we arrived at this decision because we became a little disgusted with the commercialism that's attached to the holiday. Sure, buying gifts is okay, but going to the extremes is ridiculous. I know several people who set a $500 dollar amount to spend on each of their kids, or spouses, or others. I think that's ridiculous, at least in my circle it is, because most of the people I know are broke or close to it.

Not to mention the stress of all the shopping and crowds. When we made this decision, internet shopping wasn't as easy or available as it is now.

So we decided we would let each other off the hook and squash that whole formality of exchanging gifts. And you know what? Neither one of us has missed it.

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