Thursday, October 2, 2008

10 Kids Gifts for $10 or under

        (See also inexpensive gifts for women, men, co-workers)

        1. $10 worth of Chuck E. Cheese tokens and they can play for hours. With a coupon you can even get an extra $5 worth for free!

        2. Mix and match an assortment of paperback books from their favorite series (Magic Treehouse books are very popular with a lot of the kids I know), and kids’ magazines

        3. Puzzle and activity books and a gel pen set.

        4. Wikki Stix activity set (These are the little sticky, bendable craft thingies, very cool)

        5. A Rubik’s cube (a classic, it never gets old)

        6. A board game (find out which one they don't have or have lost the pieces to).

        7. A set of outdoor play items (a ball, jump rope, hoola hoop, etc.)

        8. A dvd (just about any of the Disney Channel movies are a hit)

        9. A toy store gift card (Toys ‘R Us, or KBToys)

        10. A cute character decorated umbrella or raincoat.

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