Friday, October 24, 2008

31 Things to do before Christmas – Cheap Holiday thrills

(This is #15 of 31 in the 31 Things to do series)

Looking for cheap thrills around the holidays?

In most areas there are a lot of fun activities going on around Christmas time. Get your antennae up now to be on the lookout for what may be coming to a neighborhood near you.

This is a good way to get in the Christmas spirit without spending a lot of money (a lot of events are even free).

Some of the things free events we've had in our area in the past are:

  • Christmas tree lighting events

  • Santa festival put on by the local government (all free, except food and extra items you may want to buy)

  • Christmas parade

  • Many churches put on Christmas plays and presentations

  • Christmas story times at the local libraries and book stores

There's usually lots of stuff going on, I'm sure you will be able to find something fun and affordable to do to enjoy the season. Look in your local paper or do an internet search on local Christmas events to find events near you.

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