Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 Gift ideas for under $10, for the everyday man

    (See also inexpensive gifts for women, kids, co-workers)

    1. Socks. (Either a few pair of nice dress socks, a package of casual or sports socks)

    2. Sweatshirt.

    3. T-shirts (a package or a sports team shirt)

    4. Car wash items. Choose a few items and throw in a $1 bucket (cleaning cloth, brush, Armour All, cleaner, polishes, car air fresheners.)

    5. A couple of every day tools. Tools disappear around the house so these are definitely welcomed.

    6. A gift card to a sandwich shop (for a quick lunch)

    7. An "everyday" belt.

    8. A spare pair of sunglasses.

    9. A baseball cap with the logo of his favorite sports team.

    10. A fancy, boxed ink pen.

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