Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10 Gift ideas for under $10, for the everyday woman

(See also inexpensive gifts for men, kids, coworkers)

  1. A thoughtful card with a handwritten note. Personalize with memories, pictures or a sweet poem about the person.

  2. A comfortable (i.e. "unsexy" but cute) night shirt. Something she will actually USE. Trust me, the sexy ones are not all that comfortable.

  3. Scented Candles. You do not have to spend $20 on a candle (unless you just have it to spend and you want to). You can get nice, delicious-smelling candles at Wal-Mart or Target for $6-$8

  4. Fragrant Reed Diffuser. They look pretty and smell great too. Like the one pictured on the right, isn't that pretty? Adds a bit of interest to the space.

  5. Nice, soft, warm socks

  6. Fancy chocolates, like Merci, Cacao Reserve, or Lindt.

  7. Homemade foods. Christmas cookies, candy, cakes. Just about anything home-cooked is welcomed, especially if you are a good cook and have people on your list who DO NOT like to cook or can't cook a lick.

  8. A gift card to Panera or McDonald's (for a quick lunch). Panera is more "up-scale" I suppose, but McDonald's is on just about every corner, and they have drive-thru. Most everyday gals can appreciate drive thrus, especially if they have kids.

  9. "In case of emergency" bag. This could include things that we always need but can never seem to find when we need it, like batteries, Scotch tape, a small stapler and scissors, and safety pens.

  10. Fragrant lotions and bath gels. You can buy wonderful smelling body products at Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret for $8-$10.

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