Wednesday, October 15, 2008

31 Things to do before Christmas – Do YOU have a list?

(This is #5 of 31 in the 31 Things to do series)

Your OWN Christmas wish list

Just in case anyone asks.... you should have a ready list of things you would like to receive. This seems easier than it is. Usually when someone asks me "What do you want?", my response is "Whatever you give me". And although it may be true that I would appreciate anything someone is thoughtful enough to give to me, it really does help me and that individual if I can give some specifics.

Just think about it, doesn't it let you off the hook when you KNOW what someone wants instead of having to guess? Think of the time it saves, the aggravation it spares. Really, isn't that why kids make a list to send to "Santa"? Even Santa can use a clue some times.

I frankly do not like spending my time playing guessing games, trying to figure out someone's tastes, needs or wants. And then the "not knowing" is stressful in and of itself, because now I will be wondering if they really like or have any use for what I am giving them.

And not to mention how much better it is for me to receive something that I really want and can use. Some people like surprises, and I do too, just as long as I like what the surprise is. So do yourself a favor and think of some things you may want just in case someone asks. You can come up with things items in all price ranges to match any budget.

Right now, here are some of the things on my list (in case anyone wants to know :-). Notice there is nothing very expensive on this list, but these are the things I really want and need, none the less. I am a simple person and don't require much to make me happy, thankfully.

  1. White ankle socks (I always need them, but hardly ever buy them. I'm down to my last pair.)
  2. Comfortable, elastic waist shorts to work out in (not too short)
  3. Lotion that smells good (like Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, or Olay Quench. I use a LOT of lotion)
  4. Bath and shower gel (I use a lot of this also)
  5. A good pair of shears (scissors)
  6. A gift card for lunch (for one or two of those days that I don't make time to bring lunch from home. Panera or Chic-Fila would be good.).
  7. Speaking of Chic-Fila, a 2009 Chic-Fila Cows Calendar would be nice.
  8. A basic black belt to wear with slacks and jeans. (The ONE that I have is pretty shabby. And yes, that's right, I only have one.)
  9. A cup holder for my car. Mine broke a couple months ago and I still haven't replaced it.
  10. A pedicure or manicure.
  11. A homemade dessert (peach cobbler, coconut or lemon cake are a few of my favorites)
  12. A black necklace. Nothing expensive, just a nice looking necklace to go with my many black outfits.

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