Christmas on a Tight Budget

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Christmas expenses so far

So far I have spent:

  • Postage stamps for mailing cards - $5
  • Contributions for school festivities - $15
  • Christmas adoptions - $36
  • Christmas CD of songs performed by my son's school - $13
  • Teacher gifts - $8
  • Gifts for relatives - $25

Total so far: $102

I hate to admit it but I am no where near done yet, I haven't even bought a thing for my own child. But my plan is to go out later today and gitrdun.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Christmas tree is pitiful but it's paid for

It's a classic (as in old) 4-foot Scotch Pine from all the way up north (in my attic). I was thinking about springing for a real tree this year since we haven't had one in about 10 years, and ours is so pathetic, and to help stimulate the economy. BUT.... I went looking at live trees and got sticker shock. It is definitely not in my budget to spend $60 or more for something that will get thrown out in a couple weeks. Even a $40 tree doesn't look much better than my little puny tree to your left here.

So we will make do. We do have another 6 foot tree but it is even more sad than the 4 foot one. It's so thin you can see clean through the branches, but maybe if I load it up with ornaments and lights it will look fuller.

Monday, November 17, 2008

31 Things to do before Christmas - A Christmas Story

(This is #31 of 31 in the 31 Things to do series)

The best for last: A Christmas Story

In all of the mayhem, the to-do's, shopping, celebrations, lest we forget what the Christmas Season is really all about, take time to reflect on the real Reason for the Season -- Jesus Christ. I know some people don't believe in Christ, maybe even some of you reading this now, but I make no apologies for my belief, for I am not ashamed.

There is a really good story over at that I like to read around this time of the year... It's entitled "A Christmas Story". If you believe, you may find this story to be as inspiring as I do.

But even if you don't believe and you are still reading this post, I hope that we all find something to be joyous about this Christmas. And really we don't have to look very far. If you are even able to read a blog, you are blessed.

Even if you don't have two nickels to rub together, remember that Christmas is a time to spend time with those we care about. The gift of time and love is free, yet priceless.

I don't know what your finances look like this year. But no matter what you have gained or lost this year in terms of finances, material things, health, relationships, there are some things that we have been given in life that cannot be taken away.... but we can choose to give them up. We can choose to give up our joy, peace, salvation. But these are free gifts which we have been given, we need only to claim them.

So keep in mind that whatever you do and whatever you have this season, you can still have joy, peace and salvation, and that is priceless.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

31 Things to do before Christmas - Holiday Cooking, part 2

(This is #30 of 31 in the 31 Things to do series)

Holiday Cooking, part 2

If you have spread your Christmas cooking into at least a couple days, today should be relatively easy. You may even be able to do this part on Christmas morning, which is what I do to make sure everything is good and fresh for dinner.

By now your meats and main dishes should be done or almost done. You may only need to put them in the oven to warm or finish up. You can put any side dishes which won't take too long to cook like corn, green beans and rices on early in the morning.
Dinner rolls and salads can be prepared right before meal time in minutes.

Most of the hard work should be done on day one, making today a breeze.