Monday, November 10, 2008

31 Things to do before Christmas - Holiday Cooking, part 1

(This is #29 of 31 in the 31 Things to do series)

Holiday Cooking, part 1

Just like in the case of the Christmas cards, you can and should break your Christmas cooking down into smaller sessions to make it more manageable and less overwhelming. You can do this over a period of two or three days, or even a week. I have a friend who finishes all of her cooking the week before the holiday for Thanksgiving and Christmas and then freezes it. By the way this is the same friend who is done with her Christmas shopping in October…. Gotta love her.

In a nutshell, there a couple different approaches you can use to getting your cooking for the big holiday feast done:

Method 1: Spend a day doing prep work like cutting vegetables, cleaning and preparing meats for cooking. And then spend a day or two cooking everything.

Method 2: Cook different dishes on different days. Day 1 can be spent on desserts and meats. Day 2 can be spent on side dishes and finishing touches.

Actually there are a few more…..

Method 3: Let Publix or some other deli or restaurant do your meal for you. But this is not the way to go if you are short on funds.

Method 4: If you are having guests over, share in the cooking duties and have everyone bring a dish.

Method 5: Do a combination of the above. This is my approach. I get a lot of help from others in my meal preparation. It cuts down on the work for one person, while not draining my pocketbook.

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