Saturday, October 25, 2008

Poor Santa

"Poor Santa"

Alright, listen up girls and boys,
This year Christmas will not be all about toys.
You see, Santa just got the news,
Everybody's singing the blues.
Gas price are up, employment is down
Home foreclosures all over town.
They just approved billions in a bailout,
Everyone's wondering what they'll have to shell out.
Poor Santa lost his house, his day job and his retirement plan
Now it's his job to make the kids understand.
So this Christmas, I'm sorry to say,
You won't have everything your way.
But don't fret, we have a new plan,
Poor Santa will do what he can.
There may be fewer gifts but lots of love,
There is more to Christmas to think of.
Santa may be broke, but it's okay,
Because true Christmas spirit is here to stay.

- Anonymous

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