Monday, October 6, 2008

What’s so good about Christmas during a bad economy

In a strange way, the economical slump may not be so bad for us this Christmas. So many of us have gotten way too materialistic, and too much emphasis has been placed on the gifts. This thinking leads so many people into debt, having to pay all year for last year's Christmas.

The good thing about the bad economy is that it touches everybody. Everybody is affected by the high gas prices, decreases in real estate values, high interest rates, just to name a few. Because so many people are hurting, many of us will be in the market for a Christmas on a serious budget. Therefore, this year, maybe it will be en vogue again to be frugal, to be sensible about what we buy and how much we spend. Maybe we will welcome thoughtful cards and homemade gifts from the heart, instead of expensive gadgets, since that will relieve the pressure of buying expensive gifts to reciprocate. Maybe we will give and receive more practical gifts, like gas cards or household items, instead of whatcha-may-call-its that we forget we gave and forget we got. Maybe this year we won't spoil our kids so much with stuff they don't need anyway.

Let's see if any good comes out of this economical situation this holiday season. We can find the good if we try hard enough.

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